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Plant Front-Loading Pocket Revolver

Nice example of a Plant Pocket Revolver.  These were built by Eagle Mfg Company of NYC during the mid-1860's.  To circumvent the S&W patent on bored through cylinders, the Plant revolver used a special .30 cup-primed cartridge which loaded from the front.  Back of cylinder was partially walled off with just enough room for the hammer to strike into the cup-primed cartridge.  About 20,000 of these little Plants were produced.  This is a pretty early one...serial number is just over 1000 so most likely Civil War era Production.  Patent dates on the cylinder are 1859 and 1863. 

Overall, Fine plus condition with 98% original silver plating on the brass frame. The barrel and cylinder retain 60% original blue with the balance either flaked or turning to patina.  Excellent rosewood grips with no chips, cracks, or repairs.  We checked underneath and they're serial numbered to the gun.  Nice mechanics and good bore.  The finish on the Plant revolvers was probably not too durable which explains why so many nice examples lack original finish.  This is the best example we've offered and its quite exceptional in terms of silver plating and original blue.  My guess this one survived because a previous owner smoked which allowed a layer of smoke to coat the finish.  Upon carefully removing the brown soot, we were quite surprised at how good this revolver truly is! It's seen very little use.

Item# 1038




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