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Very Early Winchester 1895 Rifle "New System"

This is a colorful old Model 1895 rifle that's completely untouched and 100% original.  This is a very early 2nd Model 1895 and one of the first ones built....and letters in the Winchester factory records as a "New System" rifle to denote its departure from the flatside frame.  Only the first few hundred 2nd Models will letter like this.  As honest an example as you'll see with no extra holes for side-mounts.  Configuration is a standard Winchester Sporting rifle in 30-40 Krag w/28" barrel, and crescent butt plate. Best of all, its an Antique with a scarce Pre-1898 serial number in the 5400 range. Only serial numbers under 19,782 qualify as Antique under Federal law...but of those, even fewer were Sporting Models with scalloped frames.  Most Antique Second Model 1895's (about 10,000) are Muskets ordered by the US Gov't and Colorado National Guard...while another 5,000 were the early 1st Models with the notable flatside frames.  That only leaves about 4000-5000 2nd Models that were sold to the public in sporting configurations.  Today, these antique 2nd Model rifles are numerically scarcer than even the elusive Savage Model 1895.  Of course, there were many more 2nd Model 1895's made after 1898...you just don't see the early ones.

We called The Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody, WY....which houses the original Winchester factory records.  Here is the information they gave us:

Win. 1895, SN 5474

Date in:  1-22-1898

Type:  Rifle

Caliber:  30

New System

Date shipped:  1-24-1898

Overall condition grades to NRA Antique VG+ to fine with 60% original blue on the receiver and 35% thinning  blue on the barrel.  Bolt has 95% original blue with some fire blue still on the extractor.  Nice vivid case colors on the trigger housing and 30% faded case on the hammer.  Patent dates go up to  No extra holes or modifications as so many 1895's are found with those infamous screw holes for installing Lyman receiver sights going right through the patent dates on the left side of the frame.  Fortunately, the owner of this rifle was more conservative and kept it intact and unmodified with its original iron sights.  Nice markings and screws... majority of which are still perfect. Good+ wood that is solid with no cracks or repairs.  Ebony inlay located on the schnabel of the forend is still intact.  Original sights include the standard rear buckhorn sight and ramp front sight with German silver blade.  Nice action and a very good bore with strong rifling.  A very solid Model 1895 rifle.

Item# 0895




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