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Early Winchester Model 1894 SRC in 38-55

This is a fairly scarce and early example of a Model 1894 saddle ring carbine with a desirable antique serial number. Serial number is in the 34,000 range which dates its production to 1895.  This is a standard carbine in caliber 38-55 with 20" round barrel, early style ladder sight with 200 to 900 yard graduations, semi-crescent buttplate, and saddle ring. All correct and completely original early style markings including the 1st style 2 line barrel address, 3 line upper tang markings which include model, manufacturer, and patent date information.  Top of the barrel has the early marking, "38-55" directly on the top of the barrel with no proofmarks....these came later...but not back in the 1890's. Hammer has the 1st style decorative dipped border around the knurling. Nice early walnut wood. Very few antique Model 1894's were carbines compared to production of sporting rifles....a trend that eventually reversed itself by the 1920's when carbines dominated production.  Carbines were regarded as working tools and seldom survived in nice condition.  These early antique 1894 src's are by far the nicest Winchester produced over the 112 year span of production....the trouble is finding one that's still "nice". 

Overall condition is NRA Antique Fine+ with  60% original receiver blue that is thinning. There is 95% blue still remaining on the bolt while the loading port still 25% bright fire blue around the sides.  Hammer shows 80% case colors while lever still retains 20% colors.  Barrel and magazine tube still have 80% and 95% original blue respectively.  Even the barrel bands still show 60% original blue.  Nice markings and sharp edges. Very Good screws.  The wood is in very near excellent condition showing only light handling marks.  Nice wood to metal fit that is tight with sharp...uncleaned edges...with a little shrinkage along the upper tang...otherwise, wood to metal fit is perfect overall.  This is early walnut and not the cheaper gumwood that came out around the turn of the century.  These early stocks have a very sharp and pronounced comb whereas later wood...even 1920's era walnut gets a little rounded with a thicker less-defined comb and more of a perch-belly look to the forend and lower stock just past the tangs.  There are no chips, or cracks.  The only flaw I can find on the whole entire gun is a small plug in the forend on the left side about the size of a pencil eraser.  Its kind of strange as it wasn't there for a sling swivel...my best guess is there was a small knot in the walnut which popped out. The plug is walnut and matches the wood and grain perfectly. Its nearly invisible but we strive for thorough descriptions.  The action still works nicely with the hammer still working on both half and full cock positions.  Original early front post sight with German silver blade.  Rear sight is the earliest style ladder sight identical to the 1873 and 1892 carbine sight with 200 to 900 yard graduations.  Bore is fairly decent with good rifling but some scattered pits that are typical for a black powder gun of this era with no rings or bulges.  One of the nicer antique 1894 src's we've had in quite some time..and easily the nicest src in caliber 38-55 we've ever had.  These are getting very difficult to find!

Item# 0473




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