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Confederate JS Anchor Enfield Short Rifle --Georgia Marked

This is an extremely rare Confederate JS Anchor marked Enfield Sergeant's rifle that was purchased by the state of Georgia at the beginning of the Civil War.  We've been told that this is one of only a small handful of 2 band Sergeant rifles with these markings known to exist.  This is a very interesting gun not just because of the markings but this Sergeant's rifle that is actually mounted with brass furniture instead of iron and was not made with a barrel lug to accept the yataghan sword bayonet.  I have a friend whose seen one other like it with the same matching features as this one. The lockplate is marked "1861" over "Tower" with the Crown with no VR underneath...correct for a commercially exported Enfield.  The left side of the barrel has Birmingham proofs with a "25" gauge mark which denotes .577 caliber.   

As you may note on the right side of the stock, there is a large 1 inch tall "G" stamped in the wood denoting this rifle was purchased by the State of Georgia.  In case you've never seen one, there were several JS Anchor 3 bander Enfield muskets sold at the Julia's Auction a couple of years ago with the same Georgia and South Carolina markings which can still be viewed online.  In addition to the Georgia markings, it has the standard set of blockade markings which include the "JS" over Anchor symbol just below the triggerguard and the a good low number "711" engraved on the top of the buttplate and the ramrod.  Note:  This is only the second JS Anchor Enfield we've ever found with its matching numbered ramrod.  The only marking this rifle is missing is the main contractor's initial in front of the buttplate which someone has purposely filed off. 

Overall, the rifle is in NRA Antique Good Condition.  For a gun that survived 4 years of fighting through the Civil War, it is remarkably intact to find one this complete and still in decent condition.  The metal and wood were cleaned many years ago but still show lots of character. In fact, you can still see the faint initials of the soldier who carried this rifle located on the left side of the wood (opposite of the lockplate).  Both the sling swivels and sights are intact.  The 3 groove riflingis all present and has never been bored out.  Original nipple has survived intact and the lock works correctly at both full and half cock positions. The metal has turned to a soft grey patina that is now beginning to turn over to a light brown patina. Original ramrod is in good condition with a clearly marked "711" located on the swell just before the tip.  The triggerguard is also correct as it has no provisions for a sling swivel and a hole for a small lanyard for the chained nipple protector.  The lanyard has been pounded flat.  The wood is solid and looks generally good.  Someone cleaned it many years ago and left some light scratch marks on the surface here and there but fortunately, the "G" and the "JS" over Anchor markings were spared and left in good condition.  There is a Civil War period repair where a small section of wood behind the nipple that runs to the rear of the lockplate that was chipped out and hastily put back in place with a very old square or rectangular tack.  This could be improved upon greatly if desired but we feel it only adds to the character and history of this rare gun.  In spite of the cleaning, this is a good solid JS Anchor Enfield and one of the rarest variations in the form of a Georgia marked 2 Band Sergeant's rifle.

Item# 0700




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