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P-53 Enfield Bayonet w/ Scabbard

This is a nice untouched example of an original bayonet and scabbard for the Pattern 1853 Rifled Musket. The bayonet and scabbard have matching hand-engraved equipment numbers with the socket portion of the bayonet showing what appears to be unit markings. They read:

Ln 3

Brass belt hook of the scabbard is also engraved "440". Blade has an Enfield inspection marking so at one point, this would have been British military issue. Crimean War? Bayonet has a nice triangular blade that's still bright with no pitting or corrosion. Scabbard still retains its original polished black on the leather and brass end caps and belt hook have developed an incredible patina. It has been very well looked after. As nice as the bayonet is, the scabbard is much rarer and seldom found in this condition. Would make a nice accessory to a Pattern 1853 Enfield.

Item #1764




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