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Tower Enfield Musket Dated 1861

This is the best Civil War Enfield we've had in years!  Almost every Enfield imported to America during the Civil War shows hard use....and sometimes you find one that's pretty nice, but you almost never see one with most of its original barrel blue intact.  This Pattern 1853 rifled musket has a standard 39" barrel in Caliber .577 with 3 barrel bands and brass regulation style furniture. Complete with original sights, 3 groove rifling, sling swivels, and original ramrod.  This one is 100% original down to the washers on the barrel band screws.  The lock is marked "TOWER" with an 1861 date and crown symbol behind the hammer without the "V.R." for Queen Victoria Regina...correct for a Civil War import.  The left side of the barrel denotes it was built in Birmingham, England as determined by distinctive proofmarks from that region.  The barrel is also double-stamped with dual "25" gauge marks between the B'ham proofmarks.  "25" gauge translates to .577 caliber.  Bottom of stock is marked with the contractor name "SWINBURN" in block letters.  Left side of stock is marked "S&S 44"....which probably is some sort of inspection marking, possibly "Scott and Son" who was  also a known supplier including some of the JS Anchor marked Enfields that went to the Confederacy. 

Overall condition is NRA Antique Fine+ with 75-80% original barrel blue that is starting to tone brown.  Lockplate shows some signs of original mottled case colors that have hazed over with a pleasing brown patina.  Excellent markings throughout.  Wood is in excellent shape with perfect wood to metal fit with sharp contours showing only light handling marks.  Wood hue is still a nice light reddish brown that hasn't aged or turned dark from oil and dirt.  No chips, cracks, or repairs.  Wood shows no burnout or spark erosion around the bolster. Action works perfectly.  Bore is bright and shiny like new with perfect 3 groove rifling.  A very strong example in museum grade condition that needs nothing. Today, this is a challenging Civil War Musket to obtain in NRA Antique Fine+ condition.

Item# 0850




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