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English Boxlock Percussion Pocket Pistol Circa 1830's

This is a very old English Percussion Pocket pistol made by Joseph Wood & Son of York, England (1829-1848).  Its in 50 Caliber with folding trigger that is activated upon cocking the hammer, walnut handle, centrally mounted hammer, octagon barrel, and some interesting engraving. 

The engraving is fairly typical borderline pattern engraving along the outer edges with some light scrollwork on the hammer and front of the action but the action itself appears to be more of a British Colonial or Imperial theme with flags with spear-pointed staffs, the British Union Jack symbol upon a Native shield, a drum, and a what appears to be a globe of the world with a band around it.  The scene is depicted on both sides of the action and our guess is this was somewhat echoes the Nationalistic sentiments of that time.  No doubt, with the British empire stretching across the entire world, this would have been a popular theme with a great number of British citizens, who in order to maintain that empire, were travelling to the far corners of the earth throughout the 19th century. Perhaps one could surmise that a small pocket pistol in a large caliber would have made a good companion during 19th century world-travel. 

Overall condition is NRA Antique Good with mostly a light grey patina with somewhat worn edges and some very minute scattered corrosion.  The engraving is still quite sharp and all of the markings appear to be intact  Proofmarks are located on the bottom of the barrel.  Wood grips look well-worn but are solid with chips, cracks, or repairs.  The grips also have a silver escutcheon plate on the back for the owner's initials (nothing is present)  The action works nicely on both half and full cock with the and the hammer pops into action when the action is cocked or shake the gun.  A nice example of a British Pistol with a Colonial-type engraving that has probably travelled many miles!

Item# 0547




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