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Factory Engraved Smith and Wesson DA Revolver

This is a nice example of an engraved S&W Double action Lemon Squeezer.  It also has a Pre-1898 antique serial number.  It was Mfd in 1893 and shipped to Schuyler Hartley & Graham. Appears to have been a Silver frame and gold cylinder flutes and trigger guard.  Nice floral vignetts with punch dot reliefs in the background. There is approximately 50% gold wash remaining on the cylinder and 75% on the triggerguard.  The balance of the gun...frame and barrel...show just traces of original silver plating...but are mostly a smooth light grey patina.The bore is bright as are the chambers and the action is perfect...very tight.  Nice pearl grips with no chips.  Screws are also perfect and appear never to have been moved. An attractive and rare little gun that was a cut above your average 19th Century Pocket-carried Lemon Squeezer.

Item# 9131




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