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Original Forest and Stream Magazine Dated 1879

Forest and Stream was the 19th century forerunner to the modern magazine Field & Stream.  It's more the size of a newspaper than a magazine measuring 16" x 11". This one is dated Thursday December 11, 1879.  The front cover has a great ad of the new Winchester Hotchkiss Repeating Rifle which harps on the fact that this Model was adopted by the US Army and Navy. 

There are some great ads in the front and back of this magazine including UMC Cartridges, WW Greener Shotguns, Parker Shotguns, Maynard Target Rifles, Whitney Rifles, Baker Shotguns, Card's Patent Glass Ball Target Thrower, Hunting Dogs, Safes, Fishing Equipment, even a Folding Canvas Boat, and many, many more.  Articles cover travelling through Maine, Fishing in Idaho, The National Museum, Questions and Answers, Trout, Game Protection, Sticking Shells, California Quail, Shooting Matches, Furs & Trapping, Archery, and many, many more.  Of course, just reading the prim and proper Victorian Era Lingo is as entertaining as the articles themselves. 

Overall condition is fairly good...the paper has some tears and splits but it's 100% complete with no pages missing.  There are some stains and foxing on the covers with some light yellowing to the paper overall.  I'll say this, in spite of being 125 years old, it's in better shape than a lot of old newspapers you see in antique shops and shows dating back 40 years to Kennedy and World War II.  The individual ads themselves are worth several dollars a-piece.  These early magazines are fairly scarce and the few I've seen at shows have had $150 to $250 dollar price tags.  I'm going to try my best to stay conservative here.

$75.00 SOLD



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