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Original Forest and Stream/Rod and Gun Magazine Dated 1885

This is an original Nov. 12, 1885 Issue of Forest and Stream Magazine...not a reprint.  These are lots of fun to read and give us a rare glimpse into what sportsmen were into back in 1885 as well as the products being used.  There are tons of great ads including a rare one for the Whitney Kennedy Rifle and the rare Quakenbush .22 comination air and cartridge rifle as well as LC Smith, Hazard Gun Powder, Lefever, Parker and Many more.  Probably the best gun ad of all is the one for the Marlin 1881 Deluxe rifle with pricing and options listed.    There are lots of other ads for camping supplies, folding canoes, hunting boots, fishing reals, bilge pumps for yachts, billiard tables, dog, decoys, etc.   The articles, which is the core of the magazine cover a variety of topics from observations to life in the Dakota Territories and Montana, to Field trials and yachting.  A fascinating read into American life 120 years ago.

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