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WW2 USN Marked Harrington & Richardson Police Handcuffs NOS in Orig. Box

This is a great pair of New Old Stock Harrington and Richardson Police/Military Grade Nickel Plated Model 123 "SUPER" Hand Cuffs. These appear to have once belonged to the US Navy for the Shore Patrol, Coast Guard, Marines aboard US Navy ships. What were they intended for? Hauling in rowdy sailors on leave in port, detaining U-Boat survivors, ??? One thing is obvious. They were never used. The cuffs are stamped with an anchor symbol and "US" along with the Harrington & Richardson m'fr markings and MADE IN USA. They are a little smudged from seventy years of time but they should brighten back up to Near Mint Condition with a bit of rubbing with a soft towel. I'm leaving them untouched. Comes in its original box packed in its original waxed paper. There is an inspection certificate in the box dated 1943 along with a H&R marked envelope with two keys and instructions printed on the inside of the box lid. What a great time capsule!

Item# 1898




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