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Ideal Combination Reloading Tool/Mold for Caliber 44-40

This is a handy all-in-one Ideal combination reloading tool and bullet mold for 44-40 caliber a.k.a. 44 WCF, 44 CLMR, etc. It's in excellent condition with 95% original nickel and is all there with the exception of the decapper pin. Mold cavity is in very good shape and could still cast a nice slug. This would make a nice accessory for the Winchester Model 1873 or 1892 as well as the Colt Burgess and Lightning Rifle and/or the Marlin 1889 and 1894 Model rifles and carbines. Colt Mfg. also featured these Ideal Combo Tools in bright yellow illustrated advertisements inside the lids of their factory boxes when they shipped Colt revolvers. That said, this would also be perfect for a Colt Model 1878 DA Revolver as well as the famous Single Action Army Revolver.

Item# 1289




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