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IDEAL Combination Loading Tool & Mold for the S&W .45 Schofield Revolver

I've never seen one of these until now! It's a complete hand-reloading tool for the Smith and Wesson Schofield revolver in caliber .45 S&W. This has got to be one of the scarcest Ideal combination bullet mold/loading tools ever made. There were less than 9,000 S&W Schofields produced from 1875-77 with most going to the US Army. There were fewer than 700 Schofields sold directly onto the commercial market...so demand for commercial reloading tools would have been extremely limited.

Overall Condition is NRA Antique Very Good. The metal has turned mostly to a light gray patina with traces of original nickel in protected places. The markings are excellent including the IDEAL Co. marks and New Haven address as well as patent dates. No decapping pin is present. Some buckaroo decided to electro-pencil his SS# on the upper handle...I never even noticed it until I reviewed the enlarged photographs. Not very obvious to the naked eye but could easily be removed if desired. The mold cavity is a bit dirty but is in excellent shape...very sharp edges and rings. Even though it's well over one hundred years old, it's fully capable of casting perfect bullets. This would make a fantastic accessory to any Smith and Wesson Schofield or a welcome addition to any loading tool collection. There can't be more than just a handful of these in existence! A super rare S&W Schofield accessory!

Item# 1286




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