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Iver Johnson Safety Automatic DA Revolver --Rare Circa 1895 1st Model IN THE BOX!--

This is an early example of an Iver Johnson's Arms and Cycle Works .32 caliber "Safety Hammerless, Automatic, Double-Action Revolver". What a title! This particular gun is called a Model 1, First Model, 2nd Variation. It has the early style Single Top Latch design (latch is located only on the left side) with its serial number in the B prefix range which indicates it was manufactured in the year 1896. These were only produced for a short time before the Model 2 was introduced with the double latch design in 1897. The really exciting part about this item is that it comes in the original box which has a perfect illustration of the first model with the side latch on the inside of the box lid. The barrel measures 3" with the barrel clearly marked:

PAT'D APR. 6.86. FEB.15.87. DEC.26.93. PAT'S PENDING

The finish is nickel plate overall with blued trigger guard, case colored trigger, and checkered hard rubber grips featuring the Iver Johnson Owl logo. Condition rates NRA Antique Excellent Plus with 99.5% original nickel plating remaining overall. 98% blue on the trigger guard and strong case colors on the trigger. Hard rubber grips are excellent with no chips, cracks, or repairs. Action works perfectly. Latch is tight and locks barrel to the frame with no play or wiggle. Bore is Excellent. Please note that Iver Johnson produced these revolvers specifically for black powder and they are not designed to withstand the pressures of modern ammunition. The box is in Very Good condition with nice labels and no pieces missing except for some tape that has been added to the back of the lid at the hinge point. It's not very often we come across Iver Johnson revolvers in this condition with a definitive antique pre-1898 serial number. Best of all, it's in the original illustrated Model 1 Side-Latch picture box!

Item# 1445




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