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Marlin 1889 Deluxe Rifle in 44 WCF

This is a pretty good Marlin Deluxe Sporting Rifle.  The 1889 was Marlin's 1st lever action that utilized their famous side-eject bolt.  Its essentially the father to the Model 1894 and all other Marlin lever actions still being produced over 100 years later.  This one is in the 67,000 serial range and features a standard 24" octagon barrel, full magazine, and crescent buttplate.  The stocks are checkered with the deluxe pistol grip.  A lot of deluxe Marlins had plain American Walnut with straight grain.  The wood is lighter than American wood with tighter grain....I believe its English Walnut (which Marlin was known for importing) with some curl and tiger stripes. While not super fancy with highly-figured burl, its a little better than standard grade wood.  English Walnut was an option on Marlin deluxe rifles and we've had a couple earlier models like the Model 1881 Lever Action with it too.  Original sights include the long-style Marlin Ballard Rear sight and the Rocky Mountain Front with German silver blade.  This is a good straight gun that's all original with the exception of one item we've noticed.  I think this went back to Marlin in the early part of the 20th Century for a fresh barrel.  Barrel is  little later but I want to be clear, this was replaced during its period of use...not in our lifetimes.   The address shows the 1887 and 1889 patent dates but also possesses one from 1893...which is a little later.  Caliber is also marked "44-40".....Most 1889's were simply marked "44-W" which stands for "44 Winchester"

Overall condition is NRA Antique Very Good Plus to Fine with 35% original blue on the receiver.  Barrel is 95% blue while the tube is about 85%.  Strong traces of original case colors on the hammer and lever.  The stock and forearm show about 40% original varnish.  Checkering is on the forewood and pistol grip is worn but all there...has never been re-cut.  There is a little dark streak running down the right side of the stock.  This isn't a crack...just wear a bead of oil rolled down the wood from the action.  Only other notable blemish are some small gouges poked into the bottom of the pistol grip knob...Deer Kills?  Very nice wood to metal fit.  No chips, cracks, or repairs.  Metal has nice markings throughout.  Nice action.  The bore is in Fine Plus Plus Plus condition...still bright and shiny with strong lands and grooves...with a few specks of light pitting.  Don't have thousands to spend on a Winchester that's only semi-decent? Try a Marlin. This is a nice deluxe rifle in a good caliber that won't break the bank, this is it!

Item# 0984




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