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Marlin Model 1895 Rifle in Caliber 45-90

This is an early antique Marlin 1895 rifle in 45-90 with 26" octagon barrel, full magazine, and crescent rifle butt.  The 1895 was the 'big dog' in Marlin's line-up.  Invented by L.L. Hepburn, it was designed to go up against John Browning's model  Winchester 1886. Marlin manufactured the Model 1895 from 1895-1917 with only 18,000 units produced.  Calibers for the 1895 were identical to the Model 1886 Winchester and included 33 Win, 38-56, 40-60 Marlin, 40-65, 40-70, 40-82,  45-70, and 45-90, and 50 Express.  Serial ranges for this model start in the 131,000 range (circa 1895)...with this rifle's serial number in the 132,000 range. According to the Brophy book, it appears to be first year 1895 production which also qualifies it as a pre-1898 antique.

Overall condition is NRA Antique Fine+ to Excellent and the best example of the 1895 we've had to date on the website.  The receiver has 70% original case colors which range in intensity from light to moderate hues consisting of blue, green, purple, yellow, and tobacco (red/brown) that grow even brighter in protected areas.  Hammer retains 80% darkening colors while the lever shows 20% mostly near the top and around the trigger areas.  Loading port has a very respectable 80% bright original fire blue as do many of the screws.  Barrel and magazine tube have 80% original blue with a few minor stains in the blue on the barrel...most likely from rain drops.  Magazine tube is equally strong with a bit more carry wear along the bottom.  Upper tang marked "MODEL 1895". Top of frame reads "MARLIN SAFETY" in script.  Barrel has a perfect Marlin address with 1887, 1889, and 1893 patent dates along the top flat.  Caliber is marked clearly marked  "45-90".  Rear sight is the original long style Marlin Ballard semi-buckhorn retaining 75% of its original blue.    Front sight is the original Marlin Rocky Mountain with German silver blade with 90% blue on the base.  No extra holes or alterations. The wood is in Fine+  condition with 90+% original varnish..  No  cracks or repairs. Nice wood-to-metal fit overall.  Bore is in Excellent+ condition with strong rifling that's bright and shiny.  No rings or bulges.

If you've been looking for a 1895 but couldn't find one in high enough condition and/or one in a desirable caliber like the 45-90, your wait is over.  This one has EVERYTHING collectors want in terms of condition, caliber, antique serial number, right down to the octagon barrel.  Best of all, even though it's nearly 10x more rare, you can own this Marlin Model 1895 for half the price of a comparable Model 1886 Winchester.

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