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Marlin Factory Engraved Pocket Revolver

This is a beautiful example of an early Factory Engraved Marlin Model 1872 Pocket Revolver known as the XXX Standard.   Standard 3 1/8" round barrel with S&W style tip-up action.  5 shot cylinder in caliber .30 Rimfire.  This one has the short cylinder flutes..made between 1873-76.   Barrel is marked "XXX STANDARD 1872" on top of the rib with left side of the barrel marked "JM Marlin New-Haven CT. Pat July 1, 1873". 

Overall, NRA Antique Excellent condition retaining 90% original nickel plated finish.  Engraving features floral vignettes with punch dot reliefs on both side panels with well-executed scroll across the barrel and cylinder areas.  Excellent original rosewood grips with 90% original piano varnish finish still remaining.  Very Good Mechanics with tight barrel to frame lockup.  A very attractive and high quality 1870's vintage Marlin revolver that can be had for less than half the price of what a comparable factory engraved Smith & Wesson Model 1 1/2 would bring.

Item# 0529




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