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Marlin 1893 Deluxe Takedown Rifle in 38-55 w/ Smokeless Steel Barrel

This old Marlin Model 1893 is in a really great configuration. It's a deluxe takedown rifle in caliber 38-55 with a desirable smokeless steel barrel, pistol grip, checkered, crescent butt, 26" 1/2 round 1/2 octagon, and 1/2 magazine. Best of all, it has an antique serial number just under the Jan. 1, 1899 cutoff. The 38-55 was such a versatile cartridge. Target shooters loved it, hunters loved it, and the old timers loved it because being primarily black powder, they could reload it as well. Many of the first 1893's in 32-40 and 38-55 as well as all of late ones from around WW1 used regular grade ordnance steel. In fact, the late ones were marked "For Black Powder Only" and actually sold for a dollar or two less than the smokeless 30-30 and 32 WS rifles. That said, there were some 38-55's that got the higher grade special smokeless steel like this one. The takedown rifle concepts introduced by Winchester and Marlin during the 1890's was largely born out of traveling hunters who needed a more compact way to transport their guns via train or ship. This one has seen some use as well as less than ideal storage conditions but still retains a fair amount of original finish.

Overall, the condition grades to NRA Antique Very Good with 75% original barrel blue while the balance is mostly speckled brown patina and some light scattered pitting. The frame, lever, hammer, and bolt show about 20% original case colors while the balance has faded out to a mottled mixture of silvered out colors and patina. The left side is pretty nice and smooth while the right side has some light scattered pitting. Loading port still has most of its original nitre blue. The walnut stocks are in Fine Condition overall with good checkering on the stock. The diamond checkering pattern on the bottom of the forend is a bit more worn from carry wear. The forearm retains 75% original varnish while the stock shows about 90% remaining. Nice wood to metal fit. Rear sight is a long early style Marlin Ballard and the front sight is a standard German silver Rocky Mountain front. Takedown works fine and barrel fits snugly to the frame with no play or wiggle. Note the photo of the original Marlin patent inside the mechanism. Fine bore that is mostly bright with nice lands and grooves and little to no pitting. No rings or bulges. Nice markings throughout. While it's not a high-condition example, it's respectable in a great caliber and configuration.

Item# 1874




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