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Marlin Model 1889 Rifle

A nice example of an early Model 1889 Rifle in untouched condition and 100% original.  The Model 1889 was Marlin's first lever action with side-ejection.  Its basically the Grandfather to all Modern Marlin lever action rifles and Father to the Model 1894.  89's were only built about 10 years from 1889 to 1899.  This rifle was recently purchased from an estate auction.  It has an incredible look to it with the perfect combination of condition and age.  The metal has a mostly deep blue with light speckled patina, subtle faint case colors on the hammer and lever, and light reddish orange wood with a dull glow from the original varnish. I sure wish every gun we found looked like this! Caliber 32-20.  Standard 24" octagon barrel, full magazine, and crescent buttplate.  I took some pictures with the gun dry just like it was found and a few more with a light coat of oil just to show the strength of the original blued finish.  Overall, the receiver has 75-80% original blue with the balance hazed over to a light untouched brown patina....mainly on the right side of the frame.  The barrel and magazine tube show 90% original blue.  Nice hints of case colors on the hammer and lever...light but discernable. Loading port has most of its original fire blue as do the screws which are Excellent with most appearing to still be unturned.  Excellent markings include the Marlin Safety designation on top of the frame with 1887 and 1889 patent dates located on the top of the barrel.  Rear of barrel is marked 32-W which stands for 32 Winchester Caliber aka 32-20.  Original sights include the long style Marlin Ballard rear sight and Rocky Mountain front sight with German silver blade.  Very fine wood showing just minor handling marks with perfect wood to metal fit and 95% original varnish overall.  No chips, cracks, or repairs.  Action is as smooth as butter!  Last but not least...it has a Fine bore with strong rifling...no rings or bulges.  A Great Model 1889!

Item# 0445




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