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Early Savage Model 1895 Rifle Mfd by Marlin

Here is a nice example of Savage Repeating Arms Co.'s first Lever Action rifle.  While most of us are familiar with the Savage Model 1899 but seldom do we encounter the original Savage Model 1895.  These were actually produced in small quantities by The Marlin Firearms Co.  Following an interesting conversation with a Savage Collector, I set out about a year and a half ago to find a good example of the 95 Savage.  After lots of looking, I was surprised how truly hard it is to locate a nice original unaltered example with an antique serial number.  This one was well worth the wait! 

This rifle has all the standard features of the 1895 including the unique cocking indicator hole on the top of the bolt...not found on Model 1899's.  It also has the early style recessed bolt face and rotary magazine cartridge counter  numbered 0 to 5 on left side of the frame.  So not only did this rifle fire a modern Smokeless powder cartridge, it could tell you whether the rifle was cocked and how many rounds of .303 were left in the magazine.  It's hard to believe all the features on this rifle were actually early 1890's technology!  How many guns do we see made today with gizmo's like this?  Like all 95's, it's in Caliber .303 Savage with a 26" octagon barrel and crescent buttplate.  Since this was built by Marlin...guess what the sights are?  Yep, they're standard Marlin Sporting rifle sights including the long Marlin-Ballard rear sight with original elevator and the Rocky Mountain Front with German Silver Blade...interestingly, Savage later used nearly exact copies of the Marlin sights on their early Model 1899's. 

Overall condition is nearly NRA Antique Excellent...so Fine+.  This rifle is 100% original and in untouched condition. The receiver has 70% original blue with some brown freckling.  The balance is mostly "hunter's wear" confined to the belly of the frame where it was probably carried by a man's right palm and upper left side....where his fingertips would have touched while hunting.The barrel has 90-95% original blue.  Sights retain most of their original blue as well. Bolt still retains much of its bright original polish which is starting to turn to a grey patina.  Great markings and sharp edges.  Stocks are in Fine+ condition overall...near excellent still showing 95% original varnish with only minor blemishes from carry wear.  One small hairline crack behind upper tang. Stock still has a lot of patina or haze over the varnish.....it will clean up beautifully but looks great as is!   Bore is in Good plus condition with strong rifling and no major pitting, and no rings or bulges.  This is a very respectable example for a unique Pre-1898 lever action that was way ahead of its time!

Please also see our  Winchester Model 1894 Reloading tool for .303 Savage, Item #0049 in the "Loading Tools and Accessories" section of this website.  This is a scarce tool!

Item# 0325




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