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Martini Henry Mark IV Rifle

This is another nice Martini Mark IV type 2 rifle that we've turned up recently. Caliber 450-577.  Mfg date is 1887 with everything you want to see on a IV in terms of features and markings.  Best of all, this one has never been arsenal refinished so the markings are all crisp with clean sharp lines and contours.  In terms of original blue, I can't recall having ever having one with metal this nice.  We've had some great ones but the really pure ones tend to show some degree of blue wear...often being a little splotchy on the receivers. This one is 95% on the receiver, breech block, and barrel.  WOW!!!!!  That said, we've had Mark IV's with better wood but this one is still very good with a fair bit of original varnish remaining...just a few more dings and minor scrapes.  It has no repairs or cracks. Nice cartouches including its original Enfield roundel with IV designation and number 1 serviceability grade.  Good traces of case colors on the lever.  Action works nicely.  Bore is MINT!  A perfect 10 out of 10 in my book.  Complete with original sights which include the ladder and desirable barley corn front ramp style sight.  Barrel also has the larger style knox form which is more desirable on Mark IV's.  Stock is solid with the single hole for the lever...no extra wooden plug from short-lever conversions.  Correct Mark IV ramrod, original sling swivels.  Buttplate has the tropical mounted brass screws with brass liner between the steel plate and the wood.  A nice example of the final version of the Martini Henry with all the improvements distilled from 15+ years of hard-learned lessons in battle and tropical climates.  A very strong example that would not be easily improved upon.

Item# 1277




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