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Martini Henry Mark II Rifle w/ Accessories

This is a nice example of an early Mark 2 Martini Henry Rifle made in 1876 by Enfield that comes with an original sling, early muzzle cover, bayonet, scabbard, oil bottle, and combination tool.  This was originally a Mark I configuration that was upgraded to the Mark II by British Ordnance in the late 1870's. Caliber .577-450.  Overall, its in NRA Antique Fine condition still showing 80% thinning on the receiver that's getting a little frosted.  There is  50% thin blue on the barrel with a few pinprick pits along the wood line.  The bore is MINT....looks like it was barely used. Action works nicely as well.  Early large cocking indicator with broad arrow works perfectly.  Nice markings, sharp knurlings, and good edges.  The left side of the frame and barrel have lots of great Enfield proofs.  Right side of frame has a sharp crown over the letters "V.R." (for Queen Victoria Regina), over "Enfield" (Manufacturer) over "1876" (manufacture date) over "II" (for Mark II).    It still has the early wide-V front sight and checkered buttplate.  It also has an early Mark I stock with remnants of the "1876" date on the right side.  Like most Mark I's, it originally had the sling swivel in the butt stock which was abolished by British Ordnance in the mid to late 1870's and existing guns were upgraded to the Mark II configuration.  You can see where the swivel was removed and a small wooden plug installed in its place and bears correct Enfield Mark II cartouches on the right side.  The wood is in VG condition overall with a couple of minor chip repairs...both the stock and forend are solid with no cracks and good wood to metal fit. 

The accessories are all in Good to Fine condition as well and compliment the gun quite nicely.  The bayonet comes with its original black leather scabbard with all stitching intact.  Bayonet is still bright and shiny with nice British markings and proofs.  The handle/socket area still has most of its original blue.  Brass muzzle cover is the early style I believe with the hole for inserting the cleaning rod...this was designed to keep the steel rod from damaging the rifling near the muzzle. Sling is in good serviceable condition.  A nice example of an early Martini with a nice clean set of accessories that match this rifle perfectly.

Item# 0466




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