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Mauser 1871/84 Rifle

This is a nice, sharp example of the Model 71/84 Mauser rifle in .43 Caliber.  It's basically an improved bolt action repeating rifle version of the single shot 1871 Model as it has a tubular magazine underneath the barrel.  This improved design was a nearly direct result of what the Turkish military armed with Winchester Model 1866 muskets did to the much larger Russian Army at the battle of Plevna during the late 1870's.  I guess you could say that the 1870's and 1880's were the age of Tubular magazines!  By the 1890's, most countries had figured out that bolt actions with box magazines were the way to go and this has carried on through today.  At any rate, back in 1884, this was an important step for Mauser as it greatly improved an Army's effectiveness on the battlefield.  Many were still being  used well into the 20th century! 

This particular rifle was made by Spandau in 1888 and appears to have never been issued.  It has all matching numbers right down to the screws.  Overall, its in NRA Antique Excellent+ condition still showing 97% original barrel blue with virtually no wear...just some very mild speckles of patina.  The action and bolt still show most of their bright polish with excellent markings with a few specks and light pits of corrosion on the top corners of the frame...very minor but we want to cover all the bases.  Barrel bands and triggerguard retain a good 95% solid bright blue.  Original rear ladder sight is graduated up to 1600 yards.  Everything is there including bayonet lug and the sling swivels.  Wood is in Excellent untouched condition...completely untouched with lots of raised grain....just a few minor handling markings with excellent military stamps and cartouches.  The wood to metal fit is perfect with no chips, cracks, or repairs.  Bore is in good+ condition with strong rifling...still fairly bright but has some some scattered pits down in the grooves.  Action works nicely.

Item# 0505




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