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Mauser Model 1891 Rifle

This is a beautiful example of an Argentine contract Model 1891 Mauser in caliber 7.65 mm.  100% all matching numbers including bolt and cleaning rod.  Overall condition is NRA Antique Excellent Plus with approx. 97% bright original blue. Bolt has nearly all of its original polish and release catch has nearly all of its bright orignal fire blue.  Of course, as is the case with so many of these nicer Model 91's, they ground off the Argentine crest when these were sold off as surplus many years ago.  Great wood that has never been cleaned or altered.  Original military sights, sling swivels, and cleaning rod.  Action works perfectly and bore is bright and shiny like a new dime...or so I thought....we found a slight ring about an inch from the muzzle.  Given its near perfect conditon, my guess is that someone bought this as surplus 40 years ago and forgot to clean the packing grease from the bore before he fired it.  I'd leave it like it is, but a possible solution would be to simply have a gunsmith counter-bore back an inch or two.  At any rate, we see these at shows without their crests in this condition selling for $500-650.  Here's one for half price.

Item# 0798




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