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Mauser Model 1893 From Spanish American War

This is Spanish Model 1893 Mauser in 7 mm that was built by the Ludwig Loewe Company, Berlin, Germany in 1896. Nice Spanish crest atop the receiver ring with manufacture date. This is not a recent import but came to us from the estate of a World War Two veteran who's now in his mid-90's. At the time of the Spanish-American War, these German-made Mausers gave American forces quite a bit of trouble as our 45-70 Single Shot Trapdoor Springfields and even the new Bolt Action Model 1896 Krag Rifle was no match for them. So impressive were these rifles that captured specimens were used by the Springfield Armory to develop the Model 1903 Springfield Rifle. Thus, most of these early German-made Model 1893's we find here in the US today were brought back from Cuba after the Spanish-American War and were sold at auction by the Springfield Armory in 1899. Bannerman Sporting Goods of NY purchased most of these captured Mausers and sold them out of their catalogs for many years.

This one is better than most we've seen over the years with no pitting along the wood lines of the stock so commonly seen on Span-Am era 1893's. Just to make sure, we pulled the barrel and action from the stock and were surprised to find 90% original blue hiding underneath with no pitting. The outside metal has 30% original blue mixed throughout a smooth brown patina overall. Traces of fire blue on the bolt release while the magazine charger shows 90% fire blue. It has 100% matching numbers including the action, barrel, bolt, bolt sleeve, safety, rear sight, floor plate, trigger housing, stock (faint but there), and cleaning rod. See photos. Rear sight elevator is missing. Metal has nice markings including numerous inspector symbols in the form of the Star of David, Saturn, etc. Good screws throughout. The original wood is in Good Plus Condition and made of quality striped European walnut. It was cleaned many years ago...hence the faint serial number on left side of the stock. No chips, cracks, or repairs. Nice Action. Good bore with no rings or bulges. Nice example of a captured Span-Am War bring-back!

Item# 1791




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