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Spanish Model 1893 Rifle Captured in Span-Am War

This is a good solid example of the 1893 7mm Mauser rifle used by the Spanish Army against the United States during the Spanish-American War in Cuba in 1898. This one is an early German contract gun produced by Ludwig Loewe of Berlin, Germany and dated 1894. Comes with an original leather sling and original bayonet w/ leather scabbard. All matching numbers including bolt, however the cleaning rod is missing. Starting in 1896, the Spanish arsenal at Oviedo began production of the Model 1893 under license from Mauser. Upon encountering the Spanish forces in Cuba in 1898, the US Army quickly realized that its frontline weapon, the .30 caliber US Model 1896 Krag rifle, was the lesser of the two weapons. Upon the surrender of the Spanish forces at Santiago in 1898, captured Mausers were shipped back to the Springfield Armory for study and evaluation. The capture of these weapons led directly to the development of the Model 1903 Springfield Rifle. In 1899, the bulk of the 1893's captured from the Spanish Army were sold at auction to Bannerman & Co. of NY. These captured Mausers were sold out of the Bannerman mail order catalogs for years. That said, we have little doubt that this rifle was probably one of them. It came to us from a collector who owned it for the past thirty years. Until just recently, he had never been able to improve upon it and it's not hard to see why. There is no pitting on the metal...especially against the edges of the wood which would soak up moisture in more tropical climates. It still has its original matching number bolt. This well-built rifle had completely interchangeable parts and many 1893's we've had in years past had mismatched bolts from swap-outs...either from routine cleaning or capture. Even the bore is nice on this one! Stock still has its original Spanish crest on the left side which is dated 1894...the same as the one found on the top of the action. Stock serial number on the left side just beneath the action is faint but matching. All markings on metal are excellent. The original blue has mostly turned to a plum patina with more discernable blue in protected areas. Bayonet is in fair condition, showing evidence of some cleaning and sharpening along the leading edge of the blade. Original leather sling is in good condition (but at 115 years old, would recommend not carrying this rifle over one's shoulder with it) with its brass buckle intact. This is antique Modelo 1893 Mauser and well above average for most that we've seen over the years. An important advancement in military weaponry that should make for a nice addition to a Spanish-American War collection.

Item# 1749




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