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Mauser Model 1895 Chilean Rifle

This is a beautiful Mauser Model 1895 rifle made for the government of Chile in 1895.  Caliber 7mm.  Antique pre-1898 production.  Manufactured by Ludwig Loewe of Berlin.  Top of receiver bears the Chilean crest as does the stock.  These rifles are identical to ones shipped to South Africa that were used to arm the Boers who so adroitly wielded them against the British during the Anglo-Boer Wars.  In fact, I've read there were shipments of these rifles diverted from the Boer contract to the Chilean contract and vice versa on more than one occasion.  The serial numbers are all matching with the exception of the floorplate (see photo).

Overall condition is NRA Antique Excellent Plus with 98% original blue overall.  The screws, bolt release, mag charger, rear sight elevator, and barrel band springs have retained 95%+ of their original fire blue.  Walnut stocks show 95% of their original oiled finish and grade to NRA Antique Fine instead of Excellent due to some light handling marks.  Very solid with no chips, cracks, or repairs.  Excellent Chilean crest with 1895 manufacture date on left hand side of stock. Action is like new and bore is minty.  All in all, a fantastic antique Mauser bolt action rifle.  There aren't many antique rifles that can be purchased in this condition for a few hundred dollars.  We're already seeing Chilean 1895's at shows priced for over $1200.  Due to the one mismatched number on the floorplate and marks on the wood, this rifle can be owned for several hundred dollars less than what you'd pay for a nearly identical example.

Item# 1283




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