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Minty Mauser Model 71/84 Rifle

This is a near perfect example of the German 71/84 Mauser rifle in 11mm. It may even be unfired.  Its interesting that the Winchester Repeating Arms Company was indirectly responsible for the development of this German rifle.  During the 1870's the Turkish Government purchased large quantities of Model 1866 Winchester repeating muskets and carbines in anticipation with a War with Russia.  Although badly outnumbered, the Turks easily defeated the Russians at the Battle of Plevna in 1877 using the Model 1866 musket which had a roughly 15 to 17 shot tubular magazine.  The Germans realized the significant advantage of repeaters with magazine tubes and redesigned their rifles.  This rifle is essentially an improved Model 1871 with a tubular magazine called the 1871/1884.  This particular rifle was built in 1888 at Spandau.  It has 100% matching numbers down to even the screws. It has 99% bright shiny original blue.  The receiver still retains nearly all of its original bright polished metal. The screws and springs still show nearly all of their original tempered fire blue. The buttplate is still bright as well with some rust spots on the bottom. Wood is like new...still a light yellow orange color showing virtually no use...although there are a few dings and dents from either being stored in a rack or for decades inside of a shipping crate. Action is like new and bore is MINT!

Item# 0364




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