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Minty Mauser Model 1895 Rifle

This is another nice example of an almost perfect "as issued" 1895 Chilean Contract rifle. It was manufactured by Ludwig Loewe of Berlin in the year 1895.  This particular rifle was one that was sold here in the U.S. during the 1960's in publications like "American Rifleman" for just a few dollars. This looks like one of the Excellent+ to Mint grade guns as it really only shows some handling marks on the stock from being stored in crate next to other rifles in close proximity.   It was originally one of eight rifles purchased by a school teacher during the 60's...I guess he bought one...saw how nice it was, and ended up buying seven more....(Sound familiar?  I think I suffer from the same disease.  Almost every collector has been there once or twice before but whose counting? Right?).  These Mausers were unfired and still in their original packing grease.  About 25 years ago, he sold this rifle to his neighbor who cleaned off the grease, fired it less than 100 times, and put it away until earlier this year. 

Overall, its in NRA Antique Excellent++ Condition to almost Mint. Of course, it also has 100% matching numbers including the bolt and cleaning rod. The frame has 99%++ original blue with a very nice Chilean crest on top of the receiver shank.  Bolt still has 98% bright original polish with no freckling...like I said, this was stored in grease for over 100 years and has seen virtually no oxidation. The bolt release still has 99%++ original fire blue.  Barrel and bands have 99%++ original blue while the band springs show nearly all their bright vivid fire blue.  Excellent screws are all unturned and still have almost all their original fire blue intact....this rifle has some of the nicest fire blue screws I've ever seen on antique rifle.  Even the magazine floorplate shows almost all of its original fire blue with only a light scratch from the bolt sliding across.  Rear sight has almost all of its original blue, bright polish, and tempered straw colors on the ladder spring. Bore is mint...Action is mint.The only place that shows any significant wear it the buttplate that shows slight wear on the top and bottom edges but still shows 97% bright original blue.  There are also a few light peck marks on the bottom of the triggerguard...otherwise, the metal is practically mint on the entire gun...no rust specks, no scratches...nothing.  The wood is in Excellent condition overall and still a stunning blond European walnut with almost no darkening....just a shade darker on the side of the wrist maybe.  The stock has only light dings and a few small gouges near the stock serial number  from long-term storage in crates and perhaps a gun rack.  The left side of the stock has a perfect Chilean crest stamped into it that is identical to the crest on the frame and is dated "1895".  No chips, cracks, or reparis of any kind.  This is just about as nice as they get for a Model 1895 and probably one of the nicest Pre-1898 high quality antique rifles you can buy in today's market for the money.

Item# 0391




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