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Maynard 1873 Improved Target No. 15 Single Shot Rifle

This is a neat little Maynard Single Shot Rifle mf'd by the Massachusetts Arms Company of Chicopee Falls, Mass. during the 1870's. The platform of this rifle is nearly identical to the military carbines produced by Mass. Arms for the Union Army during the Civil War. Following the War, Maynard was one of the few military guns that was successfully adapted for civilian use in the form of target rifles. This one is in desirable .22 Rimfire with 24" part octagon/part round barrel. Its features include elevation tang peep sight, checkered wood, wooden pistol grip attachment on lever, and a nickel plated Swiss buttplate. Barrel sights consist of a blade front and block rear sight...which is common for .22's.

Overall Condition grades to NRA Antique Fine with the frame showing 35% original dark smoky case colors which are somewhat obscured on the profiles which are plumming. The barrel retains 60% darkened but discernable original blue with the balance turned to a plum or brown patina. The brass Swiss buttplate retains 85% original nickel. The stock has sharp original checkering which is original and has never been re-cut. Still retains most of its original oil finish with very few handling marks or dings. I'd grade it Fine+ to Excellent overall except there is a small hairline crack in the checkering on the left wrist of the stock. I didn't even notice this until going over the photographs but it doesn't appear the left panel of the wrist ever broke off. It's hiding pretty darn good down in the checkering except for a few beads of epoxy where someone stabilized it years ago. This could easily be made to go away if desired. The action is in nice working order. Bore hasn't been cleaned in A LONG TIME so it's dark but the rifling looks pretty good. I'm going to grade it as "Fair" Condition for now which is a little above average for a .22 made for black powder in the 1870's. If I get some extra time to clean it, I will update the description. All in all, a very nice little Single Shot Rifle with a lot of good target options (bells and whistles) rarely encountered on a .22 rifle.

Item# 9337




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