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1887 Dated Letter from E.C. Meacham Regarding Colt Lightning Rifles

This is a scarce letter from 19th Century Firearms distributor E.C. Meacham of St. Louis concerning pricing on Colt Repeating Rifles in Caliber 38-40 (aka The Colt Lightning pump action rifle) with full and half octagon barrels.  Its Dated March 8th, 1887.  The letterhead notes that the Meacham Arms Company was the Agent for the Du Pont Powder Co, Union Metallic Cartridges, Colt Patent Firearms, Winchester Repeating Arms, and the Hercules Powder Company.  Interestingly enough, the paper itself is special too. If you hold the letter up to the light, we've noticed it has the watermark of the of the Hercules Powder Company.  It reads "Hercules Mills" in large letters.  Picture Envelope has illustrations of several types of gunpowder from Du Pont. Letter is in Good condition but envelope has seen better days with one section loose on the back. A scarce letter with rather interesting correspondence about the pump action Colt Lightning Rifle.

Item# 0939




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