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Minty Mauser Model 1895 Chilean Rifle

Here is a nice Model 1895 Mauser Chilean contract rifle in un-issued condition.  Caliber is 7x57mm with 29.6" barrel.  100% all matching numbers throughout including bolt and ramrod.   Purchased in the mid-1890's during a period of "friction" with Argentina, the Model 1895 rifle became the standard weapon of the Chile's military for many years.  Some 95's were also diverted to Chile from the ZAR and OVS states of South Africa as a result of a blockade imposed by the British Royal Navy preceding the Boer War. 

This one is in the "D" block serial range.  Overall condition is NRA Antique Excellent Plus or approaching Mint condition "minty".  Barrel and receiver show 99.5% original blue.  Only the buttplate shows any real wear...with a few scratches, nicks, and 95% finish remaining.  Nice fire blue on all of the screws, springs, magazine charger, sight ladder, trigger and bolt release.  Screws are unturned. Bolt is still bright.  Action is perfect.  Bore is mint! Walnut Stock is numbered to the rifle and is in Excellent condition with 99% original finish remaining.  Grain is still raised.  Nice 1895 dated Chilean Cartouche.  Has the typical nicks and dings from being stored in a crate and/or arsenal rack.  Its hard to believe this rifle is 113 years old and best of all, its a true Pre-1898 antique.  I know you've heard this all before but I'll say it again. The Mauser Model 1895 is my opinion one of the best and probably under-valued rifles in the gun collection market.  In the current world of condition-driven prices, there is almost nothing comparable to the quality and condition of one of these beautiful 1895's for under $1K.

Item# 0954




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