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US Model 1918 Trench Knife w/ Orig. Scabbard, Mfd by LF&C

Nice example of a First World War vintage US Model 1918 trench knife that's unaltered and comes with its original scabbard.   Manufactured by Landers Frary & Clark a.k.a. LF&C for the US Army during WW 1, many of these were re-issued during WW 2.   It's hard to believe that a company which manufactured coffee grinders and kitchen utensils could build one of the most sinister-looking knives ever issued to soldiers in the US military.   The model 1918 was designed specifically for hand-to-hand combat within trench warfare.   Essentially, three weapons rolled up into one, which include a 6" blade (or 6.75" including the ricasso), brass knuckles, and a spike-shaped nut at the back of the grips which was termed a "skull crusher".   Right side of cast brass handle is marked "U.S. 1918 LF&C 1918".   Scabbard is also marked "LF&C 1918".   Today, many of us associate this knife with brass handles and a steel blade...but back in their period of use, these were originally finished in all black.   This one has quite a bit of its original black finish remaining which is getting harder and harder to find.   Most collectors will not part with a 1918 model in this condition.  Overall, NRA Antique Fine+ Condition retaining 65-70% original blackened finish on the handle.   Blade retains 85% original black finish and has never been sharpened.   Scabbard retains 25-30% orig. black finish with a fair share of the copper base metal toning through the finish.   It retains both of its original riveted copper hangers.   All in all, a really strong example of an early American trench knife that would look great alongside a 1918 "Black Army" vintage Colt 1911 Automatic.

Item# 1205




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