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US Model 1918 LF&C Trench Knife -ID'D WW2 Issue-

This is a WW2 issued LF&C Trench knife.  Comes with its original scabbard which is sewn into a leather sheath crafted from a rifle sling.  The back of the sheath with the name of the soldier who carried it, "Paul O. Baum"  Its marked with his ID?  "Ser 91005335 No." along with his unit.  "Co E." / "181st INF (Infantry)" / "26th D"...(26th Division).  The 181st Infantry was a NG unit that was activated in Jan. 1941 as part of the 26th "Yankee" Division.  However, shortly after the Attack on Pearl Harbor in Dec. 1941, the 181st was detached from the 26th and assigned to the American Division in the Pacific while the remainder of the 26th entered France in 1944 as a part of Patton's Army.  The 181st as part of the American Division was one of the very first Army units to see combat landing in Guadalcanal in October 1942.  While we don't have a lot of info on Paul Baum, we did find some enlistment records that show he was born in Worcester, Massachusetts in 1918.  He enlisted in the Army on Feb. 28, 1941 for 3 years.  It shows he was 5' 7" tall, weighed at 147 lbs with 1 year of High School.  He needs further research.

The knife is in Good condition as slightly WW2 modified.  The blade has been sharpened quite a bit and appears to be about 1" shorter at the tip.  Also, the left side of the brass guard has been trimmed down to make the knife sit flat in the leather scabbard.  Scabbard looks like its made from an M1 or 1903 Springfield rifle sling.  The original 1918 dated LF&C scabbard is there too...but sewn into the scabbard.  Nice brass with clear markings.  Scabbard was made to be carried in combat.  This appears to have been re-issued to Mr. Baum in WW2 which was the fate of many Model 1918 knives.

Item# 0999




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