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Moore Teat-fire Revolver Engraved w/ Ivory Grips

These Moore front-loading teat fire revolvers were made from 1864-1870 in an effort to circumvent the Rollin White patents held by Smith and Wesson.  The Rollin White patent was for a straight bored cylinder holding a cartridge but Moore was able to get around this by leaving the end of each chamber closed with a small hole which served as the ignition point for the end or teats of his unique .32 caliber front-loading cartridges.  There were several types made under Moore and eventually the National Firearms Co. which took over late production.  This variation is the one with the long hook extractor mounted on the right side of the frame.  Moore did a fairly good job competing with the S&W No. 1 Revolver by offering engraving their brass frames and even small compliments of engraving at the ends of the barrels.  The following is purely my personal opinions.  To offest the costs of the extra engraving, Moore saved money by probably cut some corners on his silver plating which is usually flaked off long before it would on a S&W.  He also typically used cheaper walnut grips and dressed them up with a dark shellac to appear like the more exotic rosewood grips found on S&W's.  This particular example however is unique in that it has a nice pair of ivory grips...something you'll rarely find on a Moore. 

Overall condition grades to NRA Antique Very Good with nice edges and markings but little to no finish remaining.  Serial number is in the 17,000 range on the bottom of the barrel.  Barrel marked "Moore's Pat. Fire Arms Co. Brooklyn N.Y."  Cylinder has Williamson's Jan. 1864 Patent Date.  Overall metal has turned to a smooth untouched light brown patina with a few traces of original blue on the barrel lug.  Brass frame shows minute traces of original silver plating and has aged to a rich caramel patina.  Engraved vignettes and scrolls are located on the side panels, around hammer, bottom of frame, and backstrap.  Ivory grips show an aged yellow patina with no chips and a few check marks from age. Action works quite nicely...still good and crisp.  Bore is dirty but exhibits strong rifling and should clean to Very Good or better. A nice example of Civil War era Moore Revolver with scarce ivory grips.

Item# 0758




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