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Over & Under Combination Rifle

This is a iron-mounted 1850's era percussion combination rifle from the Western New York school of makers.  The upper barrel is marked "C. STUART BINGHAMPTON NY". This rifle is a takedown making it suitable for travel in a custom fitted wooden case.  Barrels lock to frame by means of a hooked breech secured by a tapered pin  .29" superposed barrels that run octagon to round.  Upper rifle barrel is in .38 Caliber while the shotgun barrel underneath measures .72 Caliber.  Dual ramrods are stowed in pockets located between the barrel recesses.  The long iron tangs re-enforce  the wrist of the stock with the upper tang designed for an adjustable lollipop tang sight.  The original tang sight is still with this rifle and adjusts up or down by turning the threads.  Note the folding aperture. Plain non-engraved iron locks with double set triggers.  Stock has an iron patchbox mounted on the left side (perhaps made for a lefty as these are almost always found on the right side).    Bolsters have a nice flow to them with high fences to prevent sparks from contacting the wood.

Overall condition is NRA Antique Good+.  Metal is worn to a grey patina that's drifting to brown.  Ramrod pockets show some bruises and small dents but intact with  all retaining rings present.  Stock is in Fine condition with no chips, cracks, or repairs.  Rifle is complete except for one buttplate screw is missing. Wood looks to be walnut with a coat of varnish added.  Set triggers work. Both hammer work on full and half cock.  An interesting rifle and in quite good shape for 150+ years old.

Item# 0943




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