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1880s era Photograph of Man w/ Winchester 1873 Rifle

This is an original CDV (Carte De Visite) Photograph of a young man (probably in his late teens early twenties) proudly displaying his Winchester Model 1873 sporting rifle.  He's wearing one those spiffy late 19th century derby hats, a dark suit, short necktie, and a cartridge belt.  The back of the photograph is autographed "SK Pannebecker NANTICOKE, PA."  Pannebecker was most likely the photographer who made the image.  Photo measures 2.5" x 4".  Very Good condition with no tears.  Aside from a minor chip of the border missing from the upper right corner, the image is complete with no pieces missing.  Strong traces of original gold leaf paint on the edges of the card.  Nice example of an 1880's vintage photo of man w/ Winchester.

Item# 0821




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