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Rare Remington Smoot No.1  Revolver w/ Blued Finish

This is a really scarce little gun!  You won't find many Remington Smoot revolvers with blued finish as nearly all of the Company's production was nickel plated.  If you collect pocket pistols and ever found it was tough to acquire nice blued S&W or Merwin Hulbert & Co. revolvers, this little gun is almost off the charts in terms of scarcity.   In 20 years of collecting, this revolver represents one of only two chances we've had to acquire a blued Smoot. This is the scarcer 1st Model in Caliber 30 rimfire with the solid recoil shield.  Barrel measures 2" + 13/16" while the cylinder is 13/16".  It comes with its original early style wood grips...which are also fairly scarce in their own right compared to the much more common checkered hard rubber grips.  The blued and case colored metal coupled with the wooden grips makes this a very pleasing combination and one you'll almost never see for this model.  

Overall condition is NRA Antique Excellent with 80% bright original blue remaining on the barrel, frame, and cylinder. There balance has mostly flaked  or worn to a brown patina.  Hammer retains 75% bright original case colors with a few tiny pinpricks of corrosion on the right side of the hammer spur.  Original ejector rod and German silver front sight...both intact.  Wood grips are solid with perfect wood to metal fit and 80% original varnish.  No chips, cracks, or repairs.  Good working order with a very good bore.  This little Smoot cost us dearly but it is well worth it.  Blue was a fragile finish and didn't last long on many pocket revolvers.  We felt very fortunate to find one with 80% finish and the scarcer wooden grips really make it stand out.  A rare example that has a worthy place in any major Remington or American pocket revolver collection.

Item# 0725




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