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Remington 1867 Navy Rolling Block Pistol

US Navy contract Model 1867 single shot Rolling Block Pistol in caliber .50 Centerfire.   7" round barrel with walnut grips and fore-end.   I can't find much info on how many of these were ordered by the US Navy but the serial number is in the 1,300 range.  Mfd circa 1871.   Top of barrel is marked with an Anchor and the initials "I" "J.M.B.C."   Right side of the frame is marked "P" "F.C.W." denoting this was viewed by Naval Inspector Frank C. Warner.  Left side of frame marked "REMINGTON'S ILION N.Y. U.S.A." "PAT MAY 3D NOV 15TH 1864 APRIL 17TH 1866".   Left side of the walnut grips bears a military cartouche which is partially covered by an older layer of dirt and patina.   Overall condition grades to NRA Antique Good+ with the metal mostly turned to a smooth grey patina.  For a naval pistol that served aboard a warship at sea most likely for voyages that listed many months to even years, the metal has survived in nice shape with no signs of pitting or frosting from salty air.   The case colors on the frame have mostly subsided but some mottled shadows remain around the block pins.   Breech still shows some original straw temper as does the link plate between the breech pins.   Barrel shows traces of original blue along the edges of the frame and fore-end.   Overall, it shows a fair number of small superficial nicks and scratches from poor handling.   The wood is solid with no cracks, chips or repairs.  Wood shows lots of wear and and typical handling marks associated with military usage.   Action is crisp and works quite nicely.   Bore is nearly perfect...bright and shiny...you can still see the original machine marks down in the grooves left by the factory when they bored the barrel.   A scarce US Navy pistol.

Item# 9212




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