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Remington 1875 Single Action Revolver --Blued--

This is a very nice Remington Model 1875 Revolver with lots of original blue and case colors remaining. The 1875 was one of the Colt Single Action Army revolver's biggest competitors. Even though there were only 25,000-30,000 units of this model produced from 1875-89, the 1875 earned its reputation as a sturdy and reliable six-shooter throughout the 1870's and 80's with noteworthy owners such as Frank and Jesse James. This one has the early style lanyard ring with pinched front sight. Serial number on the frame located under the grips is in the 12,000 range. Standard 7-1/2" barrel in .44 Caliber Remington with the scarcer and desirable blued finish and wood grips...almost identical in appearance to the one Jesse James is known to have carried during the latter half of the 1870's. 1875's were also carried by Indian Policemen who were sent to arrest Chief Sitting Bull...in Dec. 1890. What started out as a peaceful surrender quickly evolved into a shootout in which Sitting Bull was killed. In addition to the US Dept of the Interior contract of 600+ Model 1875's in 1883. These Remingtons even make an appearance or two in the movies...including the opening scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark when Harrison Ford's character "Indiana Jones" is held up with a Model 1875 by a rogue partner. Remington also produced this model for the governments of Mexico and Egypt. Payment for the 1875's in the Egyptian contract was not well received so Remington ended up selling most of these on the American civilian market. This appears to be one of those guns as if you look closely, it has the tiny " * R" symbol on the left side of the barrel..along with the asterisk * on the frame and another "R" on the cylinder. Grips are numbered to the gun with some old cowboy's initials hidden inside. Top of barrel reads "E. REMINGTON & SONS. ILION. N.Y. U.S.A."

Overall condition is NRA Antique Fine with an appreciable amount of original blue with the balance turned to a pleasing brown patina. The cylinder retains 75% original blue, the barrel is a mixture of original blue and patina with 50% original blue overall. The barrel web shows 20% original blue mostly in the protected areas. The frame has flaked mostly to a brown patina original blue in protected areas. The hammer has 80% bright original case colors (see photos) with lots of strong mottle blues, greens, mixed with streaks of tobacco and straw colored hues throughout. Trigger guard has 60% original blue. The gripstraps have turned mostly to a pleasing brown patina with a nice patch of original blue around the lanyard ring on the butt. The grips are in Fine condition with nice wood to metal fit showing much of its original oil finish. The mechanics are in perfect order...everything is crisp and tight. The bore is bright and shiny with perfect lands and grooves with just a few light pits...Excellent overall. This is an exceptional example of the Remington Model 1875 Revolver with the desirable blued finish. A wonderful example of an historic 1870's era six shooter that is priced for thousands less than a comparable Colt Single Action from the same period.

Item# 1412




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