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Remington Model 1875 Single Action Revolver

It's been a year since the last time we had a Model 1875 Remington for sale but this one was worth the wait. There were only 25,000-30,000 units of this model produced from  1875-89. This one is an attractive-looking example with 7-1/2" barrel, caliber 44-40, blued finish and wood grips...almost identical in appearance to the one Jesse James is known to have carried during the latter half of the 1870's. The 1875 was also carried by the Indian Police who killed Chief Sitting Bull in Dec. 1890 during a botched attempt to arrest the famous Sioux warrior. In addition to the US Dept of the Interior contract of 600+ Model 1875's in 1883, Remington also produced this model for the Egyptian and Mexican governments. This appears to be one of the transitional 1875's with the early style lanyard ring in the butt but rather than the early style pinched front sight, it has the later style German silver front blade front sight. Serial number on the frame located under the grips is in the 800 range. Everybody loves to brag they have a low-numbered Model 1875 but most likely, most of these are just numbers within a batch. My guess is they'd start back over at one after they reached 999 as we see so many with 2- and 3-digit numbers. Top of barrel reads "E. REMINGTON & SONS. ILION. N.Y. U.S.A." Right side of trigger guard is stamped "44". The lower left grip also is marked "44 W" for "44 Caliber Winchester a.k.a. 44-40. The marking is a bit worn...the pictures didn't come out very good on this marking...but it's there and still completely legible to the naked eye.

Overall condition grades to Very Good+ with gray metal that's smooth and has quite a bit of original blue hidden in protected areas. Original blue is located at the front of the frame, down the sides of the barrel rib, around the recoil shield including both sides of the hammer channel, and around the trigger guard. Hammer shows 30% thinning case colors which are strongest in protected areas. When the loading gate is swung open, there are traces of case colors along the top of the gate and a fairly good patch of blue down in the cartridge channel. The grips are in Very Good condition overall with the aforementioned "44 W" still visible on the base of the left grip. They've never been sanded but are just a hair under the metal gripstraps...probably from years of wear and a slight amount of natural shrinkage. The bore is in Fair condition...rifling is all there but very frosty with some scattered pits. No rings or bulges. The mechanics are Excellent...with very crisp and distinct hammer clicks along with proper indexation. A nice example of an early historic American six-shooter that's more than 10x less common than the Colt Single Action Army.

Item# 1225




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