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Rare Remington 1888 "New Model Pocket Army Revolver"

Here's a rare little gem that is rarely seen, a Model 1888 Remington Revolver in 44 WCF with a 5 1/2" barrel.  Its estimated that Remington produced 25,000 Model 1875's and 2,000 Model 1890's.  However, production of the Model 1888 (1888-89) totaled less than 1000 examples making this one of the scarcest Remington pistols out there.  While the Model 1888 wears the same wood style grips as the Model 1875 Remington, it also closely resembles the Model 1890 in both the shorter barrel length and the lack of the familiar barrel web.  In fact, given its bridged similarities to both models, these are often referred to as the Model 1888 "Transition" revolver.  Remington collectors had known of this model for about the past 50 years but had never been able to verify its sale to the public until just recent years when someone discovered an 1889 Vintage Hartley and Graham Catalog featuring the gun. See Gun Report article by F. Kohler and Don War...Vol. 38, No. 1, June, 1992. 

Overall condition grades to NRA Antique Fine+ to Excellent overall.  This Remington's exhibits 96% original Nickel finish overall with the exception of the cylinder which has flaked to about 70-75% and shows some light corrosion from black powder residue.  Barrel is clearly marked "E. REMINGTON & SONS. ILION. NY. U.S.A.".  Caliber marking is located on the left side of triggerguard, simply marked "44".  Very Good grips overall show some edge wear and use with 20% original varnish.  Very good working action.  Bore has good rifling with some scattered pits.  A very respectable example of such a scarce gun.  Comes with letters and documentation from Collectors Ted Bell, OC Young, a copy of the page from Hartley and Grahams 1889 catalog and magazine articles from The Gun Report 1992, and American Rifleman 1980.

Item# 9153




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