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Remington Model 1889 Double Barrel Shotgun w/ Fancy Wood

This is a Remington Model 1889 Double Barrel Shotgun in 12 gauge with 30" damascus barrels.  The wood on this gun is a couple degrees nicer than what you typically find on a Remington shotgun with light blond Walnut that shows some nice layers of tiger striping towards the back of the buttstock.  This is some of the prettiest wood I've seen on one of these and something you'd expect to find on a higher grade Colt, Greener, or Parker.  The right side of the stock is nice but the left side is where the figure in the grain really pops with an almost molten metamorphic look to the walnut.  The frame is mostly light grey patina that is turning to patina with silvery remains of original case colors mixing through.  There are some bright color in protected areas underneath and around the barrel latch.  The barrels have a considerable amount of dull original blackened finish that still highlight much of the damscus twist patterns of the barrel...with the finish growing strong in protected areas such as the barrel rib.  Center rib has the original Remington stipled matte knurling to reduce glare.  Wood is in fine+ to excellent condition with the buttstock retaining 75% original varnish with some darkening along the comb of the stock from oil.  Both the stock and forearm have very good original checkering that has never been re-cut.  Original hard rubber buttplate with Remington Logo has survived with no chips or cracks.....all it takes is one drop and these will shatter.  The forend also has its original ebony inlay.  Forend is numbered to the gun but is a little loose and could use some adjustment.  Action works nicely...both hammer cock...both firing pins intact.   Barrel to frame lockup has a very small amount of play.  Bores are both Excellent...bright and shiny with no pitting. Nice markings. Very good screws and pins throughout.  A very attractive Remington Double.

Item# 0575




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