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Remington Iroquois Revolver

This is a Remington Iroquois Revolver in .22 caliber. Features are its 2-1/4" round barrel. Seven-shot cylinder, nickel finish with checkered hard rubber grips. Left side of barrel marked "E. REMINGTON & SONS. ILION. N.Y." The name "Iroquois" is located on the top of the barrel just ahead of the frame.

The Remington Iroquois was developed to compete directly with the .22 Colt New Line Revolver as well as the multitude of cheaply made pocket revolvers being produced by firms like Hopkins and Allen during the 1870's and 80's. It was essentially a scaled down and economized version of the Remington Smoot Revolver. Note that the grips have no logos nor do they use escutcheon bushings around the grip screw. The frame is pretty basic with an austere flat coin-shaped side plate, and with this particular variation, note the lack of cylinder flutes. In keeping with the trend of that era where pocket revolvers were often produced with nicknames, (i.e. Hard Pan, Blue Jacket, Defender, etc.) Remington dubbed their little revolver the "Iroquois". Located in Ilion, NY, this was certainly intended as a tribute to the Native American tribes who originally inhabited this region in upstate New York. The company produced 10,000 units from 1878-1888.

Overall condition is NRA Antique Excellent. Most of these after 130 years are a little off in terms of timing and lock-up. You won't have to worry about spending money to get this one right! Our gunsmith just gave it a tuneup and its mechanics are in perfect order! It needs nothing. The barrel, frame, and cylinder retain 97% original nickel plating. The only spot on this gun showing appreciable loss of finish is the little round side-plate to access the mechanics. It has flaked to 25% original nickel. There are some good traces of fire blue on the hammer. Grips are in Fine Condition with good checkering and no chips, cracks, or repairs. Screws and cylinder pin knurling are a bit on the worn side but completely original and in good serviceable shape. Being such a small caliber weapon that used black-powder ammunition, the bore is nothing to write home about, just Fair with some pits. However, the rifling is intact and there are no rings or bulges. All in all, this is a good solid example of an early American Spur-Trigger Revolver. Today, these little Remington Iroquois revolvers have gained a following among collectors as one of the more iconic models produced by America's oldest gun manufacturer. While they can really get pricey in the upper levels of Excellent condition, this one is affordable. True, it may not be a top notch example but it grades into the same NRA Antique Excellent range as a supreme survivor and for half the price.

Item# 1375




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