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Remington Model 2 Sporting Rifle in 32-20

This is a sweet little Remington single shot Model 2 Sporting Rifle. The Model 2 was produced from 1873 to 1910 and could be ordered in a variety of calibers from .22 to .44 with numerous special order features. This one is in completely untouched attic condition with lots of original blue and case colors. Most of these Model 2's we find in this condition are often chambered in obscure rimfire calibers, hence the light usage. However, this one is fantastic and were surprised to see that it's chambered in the 32-20 Winchester Center Fire Cartridge. It has a 28" octagon barrel with factory original front and rear sights. Perch Belly stock with Schnabel forend cap. Barrel is marked "E. REMINGTON & SONS. ILION. N.Y. This early style barrel address indicates this rifle was manufactured prior to 1888 at which time the company was purchased by Schuyler, Hartley, and Graham, and renamed the Remington Arms Company. The serial number on this one is in the 9,800 range in the older style stamped across the width of the tang in small numerals. The patent dates range from 1864-1873 and are located on the left side of the frame but I believe the earliest examples have them on the upper tang. Quality of its construction strongly suggests late 1870's to early 1880's production and no later than 1888. It is a pre-1898 antique.

Overall Condition grades to NRA Antique Excellent and completely untouched. Frame retains 93% strong original case colors with a little patina mixing in. The upper tang shows 70% moderate original colors while the lower tang is about 40% faded colors. The hammer and breech block retain 95% strong bright original blue. Forend cap shows 60% moderate case color. Barrel has 90% original blue with the 10% loss confined to the edges of the octagon barrel and patina mixing in with the blue. Trigger and several of the screws retain generous portions of their original tempered blue. The walnut stock and forend are in Fine+ Condition with 95% original oil finish present and a few handling marks. No chips, cracks, or repairs and nice wood to metal fit. The action is perfect and the bore is MINTY! Just a really nice antique Remington Single Shot in a great caliber!

Item# 1847




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