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Remington Rolling Block Model 2 Sporting Rifle

When I first laid eyes on this little Remington Rolling Block, all I could say was "Wow!" This is a beautiful rifle and for 130 years old, the condition is not mint...but stunning nonetheless. Production of the Model 2 started in 1873 and lasted until 1910. The Model 2 is easy to distinguish from all other Rem RB's by its curvature at the rear of the frame where it joins the buttstock. The frame is a small to medium size between the heavy actions of the target and military rifles but larger than the small-frame .22 rifles. The stocks on the Model 2 have a distinctive bow or "perch belly" and come with a semi-crescent buttplate. These came standard with a blued barrel, breech, and pins while the frame, forend cap, and buttplate were case color hardened.

This particular example has a 26" octagon barrel in caliber .32 rimfire. Standard original sights. The serial number is in the 13,000 range and has matching numbers throughout. By that, I mean every major component on this rifle was hand-fitted and serial numbered from the buttplate to the forend cap. I can't find much in the way of manufacturing dates on this rifle except that the barrel (which is the original and serial numbered to the gun) is marked E. REMINGTON & SONS. ILION NY. That marking by itself narrows its date of manufacture considerably as it was used on arms manufactured from 1852 to 1888. Thus, it is a pre-1898 antique. In 1888, the company was purchased by Hartley and Graham Sporting Goods of NY who changed the name to simply "Remington Arms Company". With hard times and the Remington family no longer in control, there must have been an exodus of old-school Remington workmen leaving the company...inventor Lewis Hepburn being one of the them, as you will see quality on Remingtons noticeably drop. That said, it's easy to notice the early higher levels of Remington quality on this rifle which in my opinion, is on par with Winchester Repeating Arms circa 1880's.

Overall Condition grades to NRA Antique Excellent with 90% bright original case colors remaining on the frame. Trigger, block, hammer, and screws exhibit nearly all of their original highly polished nitre blue. The barrel retains 80% original blue with some areas of scattered light pitting and corrosion due to poor storage. Both front and rear sights still show most of their original blue. Excellent stock and forend with no chips or cracks. The action is pretty much as new...showing very little use. I would say it was fired a few times and put away. The bore is Excellent...bright and shiny with strong lands and grooves. If you like condition, this is just a beautiful rifle to behold...well designed and built with a level of quality that has become nearly extinct.

Item# 1730




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