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Remington Rolling Block Military Rifle

This is a very nice Remington Rolling Block Military Musket. This early single shot design was as simple as it was robust and well over a million were produced and shipped all over the world to countries on every habitable continent. Most of the ones we find today show moderate to severe wear. This one is a rare exception and appears to have seen very limited use. Perhaps it was a contract overrun that sold commercially or shipped to a foreign military where it was never issued. Either way, it is in fantastic shape. Caliber is .43 Spanish. Barrel measures 35" and secured by three clamping bands without band springs. Upper tang reads:

PAT MAY 3D 1864 MAY 7TH JUNE 11TH NOV 12TH DEC 24TH 1872
DEC 31ST 1872 SEPT 9TH 1873 JAN 12TH MARCH 18TH 1874

The sling swivels also have patent dates which appear to be from 1868. Original sights include post front and ladder rear. This rifle is designed to accept a socket bayonet with no lug for a sabre bayonet.

Condition Grades well into NRA Antique Fine+ with 90% original barrel blue and 25% original case colors remaining on the action. The breech block and hammer retain 95% bright original blue with a few storage pits on the edge of the finger tab of the breech block. Even the barrel bands, buttplate, and forend cap retain portion of their original blue. The walnut stocks are fine overall with very good wood to metal fit. Mechanics appear to be in perfect shape. Bore is MINT...bright and shiny with perfect lands and grooves. Complete with original cleaning rod.

Item# 1826




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