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Remington Model 1867 Rolling Block Pistol l-- US Navy Mk'd --

US Navy Model 1867 Remington Rolling Block Pistol. This is a nice untouched example and while it shows plenty of use as a tool aboard a ship, it still retains much of its original finish. Originally, all Model 1867's started out as a spur-triggered Model 1865's in caliber .50 Rimfire. The Navy ordered 6,500 units which were delivered from 1866 to 1868. These were inspected by Frank C. Warner as the side of the frame bears his initials and the left side of the grip has his cartouche. From 1870-1875, 6,358 Model 1865's were upgraded to an improved version called the Model 1867. Considering that many of these were aboard ships throughout the world, it took several years to collect them all for the needed upgrades. It's believed that only 142 were left un-converted. Once brought back to land, the 1865's were given a new trigger guard, barrels reduced in length from 8.5" to 7", and caliber changed from .50 Rimfire to .50 Centerfire. As an 1867, this gun was re-inspected by Captain J.M.B. Clitz, USN as the barrel shows his initials and a naval anchor marking.

Overall, this gun grades to NRA Antique Fine on the metal and NRA Antique Good on the wood which shows lots of handling wear. For example, you can tell by looking at the base of the grip that it was used as a hammer...or that it was probably thrown in a storage locker with other pistols and/or tools on a rolling ship. In spite of the abuse, it was stored in such an environment where most of the original blue and case colors survived. Even the hammer and breech block still show nearly all of their original straw colors and original blue on many of the screws. This is a really neat level of condition to find for something that's nearly 150 years old...an honest military gun that's just as it was when it came out of the field. Never cleaned, not refinished, just left alone. One look at it and there is no question it got issued aboard a ship and used.

Item# 1736




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