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Remington Rolling Block Carbine

This is probably the best example of a military Remington RB Saddle Ring Carbine we've ever had. It has a 20.5" round barrel with military sights, saddle ring, and carbine style buttplate.  The upper tang has the Remington address with numerous patent dates ranging from 1864-1874. This gun is just a really pure untouched example that still has most of its original finish. That's right...original finish...not an arsenal re-do like we're accustomed to seeing. 

Overall condition is NRA Antique Fine+ with much of the original case colors remaining on the frame.  A few tap marks can be found at the front of the frame. Screws, breech block, hammer, and pins still have most of their original tempered blue finish.  The barrel blue has darkened and is mixing with patina.  Nice military stocks that have never been cleaned or re-done still  showing most of their original oiled finish.Action works nicely.  Bore is excellent...bright and shiny with perfect rifling. 

Caliber??? True to form, like most Rolling Blocks, Remington never marked the barrel with a caliber designtion leaving us to guess.  If only they knew 130 years ago how many more cartridges would be developed, perhaps they would have gone to a little more trouble to mark their products.  So before you guys start asking, let me just say it...we don't know the caliber.  Here's what we can tell you though. It appears to be center fire.43 or .44 bottle-necked cartridge.  My guess is .43 Spanish but for those of you out there who want specifics, I took some crude measurements of the chamber and the cartridge would be about 1 15/16" long with the body of the case approx. 1 3/16" long.

Item# 0702




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