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Remington Model 1863 Zouave Rifle

This is a good solid example of a Remington 1863 Percussion Contract Rifle aka the "Zouave Rifle". .58 Caliber, 33" round "STEEL" barrel, with brass furniture and patchox.  The Zouave is considered by some collectors to be one of the finest percussion rifles built during the Civil War. These came with either 3 or 7 groove rifling...this particular gun has the 7 groove style. 100% complete and original including sling swivels, rear sight, front sight, ramrod, and bayonet lug. Of the 12,000+ guns produced by Remington Arms from 1862-65, it remains a mystery why so few appear to have been issued.  Near mint examples are frequently encountered with large price tags to match.  This gun has some condition but also saw use so its a little more affordable. 

Overall condition is NRA Antique Very Good.  The barrel is a mixture of original blue and patina with some light pits around the bolster area from being fired.  Original sights include post front and leaf rear which is complete and unaltered.  Barrel is marked "STEEL" with a V/P beside an Eagle Head.  The lock is mostly a smooth light brown patina with faint remnants of silvered out original case colors on the lockplate and hammer.  Its marked "REMINGTON'S <over> "ILION  N.Y."  To the left is an eagle symbol <over> "U.S." The rear portion of the lock is dated "1863". Several screws show remnants of original fire blue and there is even original blue still on the trigger.  Barrel tang has some chew marks around the tang screw.  Good to Very Good Bore has all of its original 7 groove rifling intact with deep lands and grooves with a few scattered pits. The stock is Very Good+ overall with most of its original finish intact and good untouched cartouches.  Nice brass with "US" marked on top of the buttplate.  Inside the brass patchbox are a set of initials "BWH"...often these were placed in the stock by the soldiers who carried these weapons. The wood is still a light reddish brown hue, not darkened, with some light handling marks, dings, and scratches. Overall, a nice example of a Zouave that appears to have seen Civil War use.

Item# 0680




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